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Undergraduate Work

These are some jobs that I worked during my undergraduate years.  I understand that most employers don’t really care about them once you’ve been past your undergraduate degree for some time, but I think it highlights the fact that I’ve wanted to work with people and have been creative for a long time.

Vector Marketing (Summer – 2006) – Sales Manager

Vector Marketing is the sales company that has CutCo brand cutlery as it’s major product.  I worked with Rich Gilbert, a legend in Vector circles, as a salesperson for two weeks before he asked me to move up to Assistant Manager.  As the summer progressed, Rich asked me to take on more responsibilities when eventually included running interviews, hiring, and training the new recruits. When I left that summer I had a new understanding for sales and management.

Pearson & Partners (Summer – 2007) – Summer Fellowship Winner

This now defunct mid-sized advertising agency was one of the most respected in the city of Indianapolis.  While there, I observed pitches from the CW and watched the design team work on advertisements for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. I learned quickly that this environment was very fast, but also very fun.  I was captivated and motivated to work somewhere that I could use my creativity and communication skills.

Professional Work

Wright Business Institute (2008 – 2009) – Sales Associate

When I graduated from Ball State University, I moved to Chicago and worked downtown for the Wright Business Institute that operated a sales training program called Advantage 4 Sales. I helped enroll new recruits and helped run the bi-weekly training sessions that were held at our downtown location.  A benefit was that I was able to partake in the program as well. Every single day, being a team player was required as I helped out in sales, with the design of fliers, PowerPoints, and event planning.

McCann Window and Exteriors (2009 – 2010) – Sales Associate

I moved to McCann Window and quickly looked to help out any way I could. While there, I took on more responsibilities and wore more hats than I’ve ever worn. I spent time as office manager, sales person, quality control, advertising director, public relations strategist, designer, photographer, and social media manager. I felt as though I had a different calling. Sales had lost its appeal, but the communication aspect and ability to be creative in a career was calling.

MoJo Design & Photography (2010 – 2012) – Co-Founder

Ok, so it’s not a real company.  My friend Adam and I shoot various different types of photography. From weddings to head-shots, I’ve shot a lot of different scenarios. I’ve been behind the lens since I was in 8th grade, but just recently felt I was good enough to take on such clients. I made enough money to survive before I went back to graduate school to hone my communication skills. I still shoot outside of work and design when I can, and it’s these skills that also make me a more prepared and versatile candidate for any position.

Scotty’s Brewhouse (2010 – 2011) – Server

To make sure I had rent paid and groceries in my fridge my first year in Grad school, I found a job at Scotty’s Brewhouse. I waited tables at the best restaurant in Muncie, IN. I learned about teamwork and beer, but most importantly I learned a few new tricks in how to deal with customer problems. As my first year of graduate school came to a close, I moved to my internship and was offered my Graduate Assitantship.

Townsend Chemical / Eco-Pak, LLC. (2011) – Summer Intern

Here I took orders from our customers at Townsend Chemical for the first portion of the summer, a division of the Townsend Corporation, until they were sold.  I helped out with odds and ends at Eco-Pak, LLC. for the rest of the summer before moving on to my Graduate Assistantship.

Ball State University – College of Communication, Information, and Media (2011 – 2012) – Graduate Assistant

This is one of the hardest jobs to explain exactly what’s going on because there are so many moving parts. I help manage an annual website, a Facebook platform, a Twitter platform, a website, a team of about 10 students, help my students create content for an annual website, create content myself for immediate consumption, interact with professors, photograph live events, and there are probably a few other things that I’m missing. And it’s one of my favorite jobs ever.  I love the ability to be creative while there are still structural beams around me.  I’ve helped our Facebook site become more successful and driven more traffic to the site than at any other time in it’s history.  I’ve also driven our Twitter traffic to a point where I can be proud of how much it’s changed in such a short time.

Indiana Beach (2012 – 2012) – Small and Specialty Group Sales Manager

A fairly straight forward sales position that required plenty of coordination and planning.  Working with groups from 15 to 99 people can be daunting when you have 30 groups in a day, but luckily I worked with an incredibly team oriented group that helped put wristbands on the copious amount of people that walked over our bridge.  I hit my sales goal and during my time I continued the trend of content creation working on sales presentation materials and packets.  The position was technically a full time position, but I left on excellent terms to pursue a career more focused on public and client relations.

Ifbyphone, Inc. (2012 – 2015) – Enterprise Success Representative

Ifbyphone was my home from October 2012 until February 2015.  I began in the Customer Success Representative role answering support calls, porting numbers, and other support functions within the company.  I was promoted in June of 2013 to the role of Enterprise Success Representative where I took on responsibilities including working with some of our larger clients and tasks involving projects in applications.  After several months, I began to work on customer engagement projects in relationship to the support team.  I’ve been on teams that put together a video tutorial series, a twitter handle that customers can tweet at and create a support request, and the launch of a brand new support site that customers can engage with each other on their issues and ideas.  These projects were the main focus of my work, but I still supported our customers while working on these projects because it helps keep Ifbyphone’s support at the incredibly high, world class level that our customers have come to expect.  Team playing here was expected, and I delivered.

HighGround, Inc. (2015 – Present) – Marketing Manager

At HighGround, I’ve helped introduce the first marketing materials and sales collateral to our team. Since then, we’ve had some very serious projects that aren’t yet announced, but will impact our organization in what we believe to be a very positive light.  The work has not been easy, but that’s what makes it worthwhile. We’ve put together a very impressive amount of content that will be the foundation for our future. This journey isn’t over, and it’s been incredible to see how far we’ve come thus far.


The part where everyone seems like they’re bragging. But I will spare you the majority of my grade school basketball championships, although those teams were pretty amazing, and give you some highlights, and the reasons I chose them, that I truly feel show my ability to strive for excellence.

Promotions Director, CardinalVision, 2007-2008 – I was asked to help take an active leadership role with the television station that operates on Ball State’s campus.  I helped rebrand the station, orchestrated an awareness campaign, and then led that campaign.

President, Pi Sigma Epsilon, 2006-2008 – I held the position for two years.  My biggest success was helping lay a solid foundation for the sales and marketing organization that thrives today.

Vice President of Human Resources, Pi Sigma Epsilon, 2005-2006 – I was elected to a leadership position after my first semester at Ball State.  I learned that I had an ability to help bring out the best in people while still delivering my best.

Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, 2003 – I began leading my peers at an early age and the Boy Scouts helped instill in me the drive to finish what I start.

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