I’m Joe Huber.  I’m a lot of things, boring isn’t one of them.

I’ve done photography, graphic design, sales, public relations, marketing, advertising, brand management,  event planning, special events staff, data wrangling, market research, quality control, and even worn a bagel costume.

Plenty of prospective employers will read that and scoff. “He’s just puffing up his resume and skills” or “there’s no way he’s done all of that”. If you sit down with me and ask me, I will gladly tell you the story or situations in which I’ve worked under each of those conditions.  I’ll also gladly discuss with you in which areas I’m more proficient and in which I need more training.  Dancing in a bagel costume is my biggest weakness.

I am the kind of person that gives you 100% of me when I’m there (110% isn’t a real thing).  It’s because my parents had me learn the value of hard work that I’m able to honestly say I’m willing to give everything I have when I’m working for you.  It’s also because if I don’t give 100% when I’m with you, then I have to come in on my day off.  That’s never a good scenario for either party.

My hobbies are fishing, camping, football, baseball, playing guitar and singing, writing, and photography.

I’m an Eagle Scout (2001), former president of Pi Sigma Epsilon, former Communications Director for CardinalVision, and was an on air talent for six years for several shows.

There is absolutely no way that I could have ever put this site together without the help of my good friend Megan McNames. She put up with incessant phone calls, gchat messages, and text messages and probably deserves some kind of medal. Thank you Megan!

If you would like to get to know me better or find out something more, please feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you for getting to know me and viewing my biography.

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