To me, photography is more than just a hobby.

I’ve had a camera attached to me since February 28, 2000 when I unwrapped the Canon AE-1 35 mm film body with a 35 mm prime lens that my mother and father had gotten me for my 14th birthday. That camera has since disappeared, but my passion for photography has not even slightly faded.

I immediately fell in love with the idea of capturing images and even became the photo editor of the high school yearbook as a sophomore.  I’ve taken classes and bought photography books, but I believe I’ve learned most by seeking guidance.  I’ve learned a lot from Robert Strempka, and consider him to be an inspiration to strive for improvement.

I was told by my father that the digital camera I yearned for wouldn’t be a reality until I learned the ins and outs of my camera.  Because of this, I believe that I take high quality photos even when circumstances aren’t ideal.

I don’t keep a flickr account, but I have linked a few of my action, artistic, event, marketing, and wedding shots for you to view.

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